‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Stars Henry Golding and Constance Wu Do the Selfie Thing

For all you fans of Crazy Rich Asians, here’s the first shot of just Henry Golding and Constance Wu together. To recap the movie:

Golding plays Nick Young, one of Singapore’s richest bachelors, in Kevin Kwan’s bestselling book, Crazy Rich Asians. Wu plays Rachel Chu, an American-born Chinese Professor and Young’s girlfriend.

In the book, Young and Chu travel to Singapore for a friend’s wedding. Once Chu gets there, she finds out how rich and popular he is, and then the sharp elbows come out.

The socialites there fight for Young’s attention and money. Because no matter where you are, girls love money.

The movie has already started filming in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Wu and Golding paired up for a selfie while there.

Wu looks more refreshed than she did in another video she posted.

She captioned that one “CRAY in Malay yesterday haaayyyy” in reaction to the horrible traffic in Malaysia.

That dude has really good hair. That’s my only comment.

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