Michael Bay Will Never Run Out of ‘Transformers’ Explosion Ideas

You can never accuse Michael Bay of not having ideas. Granted, those ideas are always, “blow a bunch of s**t up.” But he never stops coming up with creative ways to blow that s**t up. And, we’re in luck, he’s got at least 14 new ways to blow s**t up in the Transformers series.

Unfortunately, we may never get to see them. OH NO!

At a press event for Transformers: The Last Knight, Bay said that he and the writers have 14 stories for Transformers.

Story 1: Robots Fight

Story 2: Some weird stuff happens

Story 3: What the hell is going on?

Story 4: Dog

Story 5: EXPLOSION!!!!!!

Story 6: Megan Fox

Story 7: Transforming

Man, coming up with 14 stories is really tough. Michael Bay is a genius.

In the same press conference, Bay said that The Last Knight is also his Transformers swan song. So, I guess he’ll just write the next 14 but not direct them? I feel really bad for the director who gets tasked with that assignment.

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