Michael Bay Will Never Run Out of ‘Transformers’ Explosion Ideas

You can never accuse Michael Bay of not having ideas. Granted, those ideas are always, “blow a bunch of shit up.” But he never stops coming up with creative ways to blow that shit up. And, we’re in luck, he’s got at least 14 new ways to blow shit up in the Transformers series.

Unfortunately, we may never get to see them. OH NO!

At a press event for Transformers: The Last Knight, Bay said that he and the writers have 14 stories for Transformers.

Story 1: Robots Fight

Story 2: Some weird stuff happens

Story 3: What the hell is going on?

Story 4: Dog

Story 5: EXPLOSION!!!!!!

Story 6: Megan Fox

Story 7: Transforming

Man, coming up with 14 stories is really tough. Michael Bay is a genius.

In the same press conference, Bay said that The Last Knight is also his Transformers swan song. So, I guess he’ll just write the next 14 but not direct them? I feel really bad for the director who gets tasked with that assignment.

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