The Pope Has to Root for Michigan Football After Getting These Jordans

Bet on Michigan football this year. They have the holy spirits on their side.

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh and his wife, Sarah, visited Pope Francis in the Vatican City. Probably to get an edge on Ohio State.

They were in the receiving line to meet the Pope which Sarah described in magical terms.

“I said, ‘Papa Francis, I love you; you are beautiful’…He’s absolutely beautiful. His smile. His eyes. It’s just breathtaking.”

More importantly, Harbaugh and his wife gifted the Pope with a Michigan football helmet and retro Air Jordan 5’s. The Jordans came in “navy blue with maize accents, a collector’s item the Wolverines received at the Orange Bowl.” On the shoe box they wrote “Your Holiness.”

That’s pretty awesome. I’m sure his speech went something like, “Shame for the innocent blood shed daily by women, children, migrants and people persecuted because…OH SHEEET…Jordans in the Michigan colors! Daaaamn!!”

Then put them on and hit the courts like…

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