The United Passenger’s Lawyer Compared Him to Rosa Parks and No, Just…No

Lawyers take hyperbole too far sometimes. This was one of those times.

Tom Demetrio, one of the United passenger’s lawyers, gave a press conference today. He mentioned an e-mail he received regarding Dr. David Dao’s situation.  Mind you, he prefaced this with “I don’t think this is a matter of race at all…” Then goes to share the e-mail he received regarding race. I see what you did there.

“I’ll share you with an e-mail I got late last night from uhh…actually…sounds like an Irishman to me. Uhh…on paper…who suggested that Dr. Dao was the modern day Asian Rosa Parks.”

First off, how does an Irishman sound on paper? That makes no sense. Also, right after he said this, he said that he didn’t think this was the case, and that an airline beatdown could’ve happened to any one of us. He wants to bring up race, but no no, doesn’t want anyone to think this is about race.

But Rosa Parks? C’mon bro, she doesn’t even begin to compare.

Since United hasn’t specifically stated how they chose to kick off their passengers, we can only guess if this was based on race though.

Also, where are the other two passengers? Four got kicked off. Two of them include Dao and his wife. The other two haven’t been identified.


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