The Rock is a Pussy

All that working out and The Rock is still such weaksauce. In GQ, The Rock talked about how both Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton reached out for his endorsement during this past election.

The Rock declined. That’s not the weak part.

He said:

I feel like I’m in a position now where my word carries a lot of weight and influence, which is of course why they want the endorsement.

That’s not the weak part either.

I feel like it would either make people unhappy with the thought of whatever my political view was. And it also might sway an opinion, which I didn’t want to do.

That’s the weak part.

He doesn’t say it, but read into it. Basically, he’s saying he’s afraid The Fate of the Furious would’ve sold a few less tickets if people realized he supported Clinton or Trump. Who the hell cares? The Fast and Furious franchise will last for another 10 years, The Fate of the Furious made $1 billion, so what if a few people decide not to buy a ticket or two. It’s really doubtful people won’t see those movies because he likes one candidate or another.

Or take the words at face value. He’s afraid people will be “unhappy.” C’mon, not everyone’s gonna like you Rock. What are you so scared of? It’s laughable. Yea, stay on brand. Talk about know your role and shut your mouth. The Rock’s doing that really well.

It’s reminiscent of Michael Jordan’s “Even Republicans buy sneakers too” quote. Why rock (no pun intended) the boat when you can get another dollar?

The Rock wants to stay on message by cultivating this down-to-earth, everyman image.

He’ll go around to children’s hospitals to entertain them.

Support cancer survivors.

And dress up as Pikachu to entertain his daughter for hours.

He’s really good at building this everyman appearance which is great and relatable. On the other hand, this huge superhero action star can’t even say what he thinks. It’s too bad because you hoped at least The Rock, of all celebs, wouldn’t be so weak.

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