Bella Hadid v. Bella Thorne About to Go Down

I wanted to call this a catfight, is that sexist? Yeaaa…ok.

Bella Hadid can’t stand Bella Thorne, and vice versa. To wit (via Celebitchy):

Same name, very different stars! During a trip to New York, model Bella Hadid didn’t appreciate an autograph-seeker mistaking her for wild-child actress Bella Thorne.

According to one witness, Bella “snapped, ‘I’m not her, I’m the classy Bella – and I wear more clothes!’” The witness says it was obvious Hadid didn’t have much respect for the 19-year-old Thorne, who regularly steps out in see-through tops and tattooed “Wild Kitty” on her thighs.

But a Thorne source says the former Disney darling couldn’t care less if her name twin likes her or not. “The Hadids may rule fashion, but Bella Thorne finds her whole crew so pretentious and snotty,” sniffs a pal. “One woman’s ‘classy’ is another woman’s ‘stuck up!’”

Dammmmn. Hadid taking no prisoners. Shaming Bella Thorne. Don’t be a hater. What’s wrong with not wearing enough clothes? Who’s to say what “enough” is?

This? With a titty almost hanging out?

Or this? With a titty almost falling out?

Hadid’s sooo right about wearing more clothes than Thorne.

Like this. I could barely see her nipples. WTF?

Or this. I see Hadid’s underwear, but NOT MUCH ELSE!

And here we have some sort of parka, right?

Wait, this looks just like Bella Thorne’s top from before. Nah, can’t be, because Hadid wears more than Thorne, remember?

Hadid needs to stop pretending she’s above other people and realize she’s only here because of her daddy’s money.

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