The Israeli Government is Very Mad Bella Hadid Criticized Them

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If I was a six-year-old child living in Bella Hadid’s building, I’d be sleeping with one eye open after Hadid angered the Israeli government with her insistence that Palestinians are people.

If you haven’t been paying attention to the news recently, there’s a lot of violence in Israel and Palestine right now that started when an Israeli court kicked six Palestinian families out of their homes in the Sheikh Jarrah area of East Jerusalem and gave those homes to Israelis whose families owned them almost a hundred years ago. It’s almost exactly the plot of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier except when Captain America beats that guy to death with his shield in front of the entire world, instead of taking his title away the US government says “well, he does have a right to defend himself.”

Bella Hadid, who is Palestinian, joined a protest against the Israeli government’s recent bombing of Gaza.

Israel’s official Twitter account said that this was the same as advocating for the elimination the Jewish state.

This is a really common line from supporters of Israel!s far-right policies under Netanyahu, that’s any criticism of Israel is antisemitism. I fully expect some paid trolls to show up in the comments and call me an antisemite for suggesting that Israel’s policies towards Gaza are wrong and that maybe Palestinians do deserve to live.

This was also the attack leveled at Jeremy Corbyn and his cabinet by the right-wing Blairites in the Labour Party. Labour had a real antisemitism problem that magically ended when they replaced the guy who wanted to help people with barely-animated starched suit Keri Starmer, though, right Rachel Riley?

The idea that any criticism of the Likud party is antisemitism is a lot less popular than it was a few years ago, especially in the US. Popular political figures like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have been making very public stances against the actions of the Israeli government under the leadership of Benjamin Netanyahu.

And that’s why Israel is attacking Bella Hadid, they saw the way celebrities speaking out and global disapproval brought down the government of South Africa and aren’t going to let it happen to them.

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2 years ago

WHen AOC and The Squad are against you, chances are good you are doing so many things right. And whether people want to admit it or not, anti-Israel sentiment is anti-Semitism. The nation was founded to give Jews their own state. They are one and the same historically. Going after specific political policies is one thing, and I am all for it. Going after Israel itself is another. And Hamas can eat a bag of dicks.

Joshua Raymond Duran
Joshua Raymond Duran
2 years ago

I knew you were a loon the second you called “Blairites” right-wing, if you were paying any attention to the matter and paying attention to the history and context behind certain phrases that Palestinian slogan she used often is a call for the destruction of Israel, not always but in many contexts it is, and since when was Israel denying the right of Gazans to live, their tactics are admittedly heavyhanded but that’s not tantamount to denying the rights of Gazans to live