Bill Maher’s Ex Implies He Loves Dropping the N-Bomb

Bill Maher dropped the N-word on his show last week. That’s a fact. And not even a playful N-word, with an ‘a’ at the end, we’re talking a hard ‘r’ N-bomb. He used it to refer to himself, which doesn’t make it OK, but definitely makes it weirder, but you couldn’t help but notice that he seemed a bit too comfortable.

Now we know why.

According to TMZ, Maher’s (black)¬†ex-girlfriend Coco Johnsen implied that he liked to use that word a whole bunch. To refer to himself. Okay?

Now, Maher’s relationship with Johnsen didn’t end on the best of notes. She sued his ass for $9 million dollars for, among other things, racially abusive comments. I think the picture is getting to be pretty clear.

Let’s get a few things straight. When Maher’s HBO show first premiered during the Bush years, there was nothing else like it. He has his fans, though most of them get senior discounts at the movies. But in the last few years, Maher has transitioned from comedy news anchor to Fox News for the left to just a crazy racist old man. This isn’t even the first time he’s said something racist and absurd.

Coco Johnsen got sick of Maher, and it seems that the rest of America is about to follow her.

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