Charlie Sheen Has A Girlfriend… Yes, She Knows He Has HIV

Charlie Sheen has a new girlfriend. Her name’s Julia Stambler and she totally knows that he’s HIV-positive. That fact’s not scaring her away from dating him. Apparently, she’s also mad at her friends for telling her to stay away from him because of his status. She thinks shunning him would be a bad vibe to send out to people who have been afflicted by this.

She’s got a point. Sort of. At least the two of them aren’t approaching it like the late Tommy “AIDS Is In The Mind” Morrison did. The disease wound up KOing him even harder than Sylvester Stallone did in Rocky 5. No, Sheen’s taking all kinds of medication and they’re practicing safe sex. Hopefully, she’ll be having herself tested routinely.

OK, while Sheen is saying that his levels are “undetectable”, this is CHARLIE SHEEN we’re talking about here. If you look up the word “unstable” in the dictionary, his face appears next to the word. Remember the whole “TIGER BLOOD” and “WINNING!” thing?? If you stand next to him, you can actually hear the ticking of the time bomb. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.

The funny thing is that the person who set them up together is Brooke Mueller, Sheen’s ex. Who knows? Maybe she wants to see Sheen happy? Maybe she secretly hates Stambler. It could all work out…. Stambler could become the next Mrs. Sheen. She could also find him on another bender and try to cut off his balls – with a rusty knife. As they say… stay tuned.

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