Conor McGregor’s Old Sparring Partner Doesn’t Like His Chances Vs. Floyd Mayweather

Chris van Heerden, who was a boxing champion, is a former sparring partner of Conor McGregor. How does he think the MMA superstar will fare in his boxing match? Let’s just say he’s Team Mayweather.

Why? He told of a time when he sparred with McGregor and he embarrassed him, basically. To make it even worse, he mentioned that he was not in fighting shape at the time either, having just returned from vacation. According to him, he was able to hit the Irishman as many times as he wanted. This doesn’t bode well for the upcoming match.

While McGregor IS much younger, he’s also switching to an unfamiliar combat sport. He’s going to have to learn how to go against every fighting instinct that he’s ever had. Normally, he might be looking for a kick or an arm bar or a way to get his opponent on the ground to grapple. He can’t do that in boxing, while Mayweather’s got decades of boxing moves in his DNA. That’s why van Heerden has a point about how lopsided this match could be.

One thing, though. McGregor has over two months to learn some boxing punches, though learning slipping punches and defense would be a priority. Otherwise, Pretty Boy’s going to tattoo the Notorious One’s face more than Mike Tyson’s Maori Warrior ink.

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