See Gal Gadot as Miss Universe 2004 Before ‘Wonder Woman’

Everyone’s losing their s**t over how good Wonder Woman is. I haven’t seen it yet. She still has a lasso right?

On another tangent, why does Wonder Woman need makeup? I’m assuming she puts it on, judging by the trailer and posters. Wonder Woman doesn’t need makeup or perfect hair. Also, let her grow out the armpit hair. That’s the superhero I want to see.

Gal Gadot, 32, owns Hollywood, or soon will, based on the movie’s box office success. Hope she chooses the right roles and movies, and isn’t relegated to the crying wife missing her heroic husband. Jessica Chastain would be so “disturbed” if that happened.

To think that Gadot stood on the Miss Universe stage in 2004 and won that pageant as Miss Israel. She was only 18 then.

It only took her 13 years to reach the point where Hollywood deems her worthy enough to wear a skimpy outfit while receiving top billing in a movie. It’s truly a great day for women.

Her Instagram‘s ok I guess. No bikini photos, what’s up with that. Gadot’s got an awesome speaking voice though. Kinda deep, kinda husky, umm…yet still feminine.

It’s great to have such an attractive superhero we can masturbate to.

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