Scarlett Johansson Into Way Older Men


Scarlett Johansson has dated everyone. Actors, journalists, singers, Sean Penn. But she hasn’t dated a lawyer. Until now.

Johansson’s new bae appears to be Kevin Yorn, an entertainment lawyer who isn’t Colin Jost.

According to People, this romance has been in the works for awhile. Poor Colin Jost. Here’s what a source had to say:

“They’ve known each other for a very, very long time and genuinely liked each other outside of their working relationship..Romantically, things developed organically. There’s always been an attraction there.”

Yorn is 19 years older than Johansson, but that just means he’s more experienced. He, like Johansson, also has a daughter. See, experience.

“Their relationship has been a little on-and-off, but it’s definitely on right now given that they can both stick to one place for the moment and actually be together.”

Wait. She filed for divorce like four months ago. How do you have an on-and-off relationship for four months? And how do you date Colin Jost during the off part of the relationship? We know Scarlett doesn’t exactly like monogamy and didn’t plan on dating so soon after her divorce. At least one of those things appears to be true.

Who knew Scarlett Johansson was so complicated?

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