Bella Thorne Gets Something Special from Scott Disick

Scott Disick with the magic dick. Bella Thorne got groped in Cannes by Disick, left embarrassed at being used and back into the arms of Gregg Sulkin. That’s nothing Disick can’t overcome with his, umm, charm?

The two have still kept in touch though, i.e. boning. They party late into the night and hold hands. You all know what holding hands leads to. Naked body parts.

Disick recently sent flowers and a handwritten note to Thorne. The note congratulated her on her recent success with “Just Call.” It’s her new song with Prince Fox. Not a bad song either.

Disick’s note read “Congrats on the new song Love, Scott.” Obviously that’s code for let’s keep boning.

Meanwhile, Thorne jumps between Disick and Sulkin’s dicks. Yet, Sulkin’s dating some Instagram model. Everyone should just have one huge orgy.

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