Beyonce Blesses the World With Over the Top Reveal of Twins

Behold ye peasants. Beyonce has revealed her twins.

Was this necessary? No. Not even Kim Kardashian went this far. But, was this 100 percent Beyonce? Yes. Looking like a goddess in front of a floral arrangement and ocean, wearing next to nothing, and holding her twins with a, not a smile, but a look that says “I’m Beyonce and you’re not” on her face is 100 percent Beyonce.

How did social media react? I’m glad you asked.

Not even Cristiano Ronaldo was safe.

Poor JAY-Z. He drops the second best rap album of the year, did half the work in making the twins, and can’t even get in the damn photo. Becky would have let him in the photo.

We can now all go back to our boring lives, knowing the world is a better place because Beyonce and her twins are here.

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