Lindsay Lohan Supports Donald Trump Because She Still Needs Attention

Lindsay Lohan, who is still living in Dubai as far as we know, has come to the defense of Donald Trump.

Lindsay is all about that peace and love ever since she converted to Islam for attention. And now she’s even more about that peace and love…defending a guy who is neither peaceful or loveable.

She does realize that Trump is also attacking people, right? I’m sure there are good stories out there about him. If you’re a human who has been alive for 50+ years, there’s bound to a good story or two about you. Even if you’re the worst person in the world. Someone is bound to have a good story about you.

These tweets are curious considering that Lohan supported Hilary Clinton during the election and asked for a recount when the results came out.

So, you decide for yourself. Is Lindsay Lohan a genuine Trump supporter? Or is she looking for even more attention?

If Trump is really looking for some good press, he could do a big photo op with Lindsay and say, “See, I love the people of Islam.” I bet that would go over well.

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