Milana Vayntrub Is Eating Nuts and Kicking Butts as Squirrel Girl

If what you lacked in your life was superhero TV shows, Marvel has got you covered. They have a bunch of new shows cooking, including InhumansCloak and Dagger and the weirdest of the bunch, New Warriors. The lead for that show is slated to be their breakout star superhero Squirrel Girl. It looks like they’ve finally found her.

In the comics, Doreen Green is the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl and she’s totally schooled all the big villains. Heavy hitters like Thanos, Doctor Doom, you name them, she’s beaten them. Not Galactus though, she just befriended him. How is she so powerful. Well, Doreen has all the powers of a squirrel and also all the powers of a girl, which is very powerful indeed.

Doreen will be played by none other than Milana Vayntrub. Who? The incredibly cute AT&T girl and star of This is Us, that’s who. No seriously, she’s your new obsession. Actually, you’ve gotten a bit creepy with how obsessed you are with her, maybe you should back off. Too late? Fair enough, I don’t blame you.

The rest of the cast includes Derek Theler (Baby Daddy) as Mister Immortal, who can’t die as hard as he tries,  Jeremy Tardy (Dear White People) as Night Thrasher, who’s literally just a YouTube skate video kid with no powers. Then there’s Calum Worthy (Austin & Ally) as hyperactive (and super fast) fanboy Speedball, Matthew Moy (2 Broke Girls) as the germokinetic Microbe, and Kate Comer as Debrii, who is gay, telekinetic, and has the best superhero name.

Of of these good looking folks will be on a wacky superhero comedy on Freeform in 2018. You in? I’m in.

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