Steph Curry Crashes House Party and Chugs Bud Lights

Steph Curry proves he’s just like one of us. If you were a rich, professional basketball player worth $200+ million dollars. Hey, you remember when you tried to crash that random house party and they let you in, gave you beer and photographed it for the Internet? No, because that doesn’t happen to schlubs like you.

For Curry though, you can walk right in with teammate Kent Bazemore.

The 29-year-old NBA superstar was in Newport, Rhode Island on Saturday night for the wedding of his ex-Warrior teammate, Harrison Barnes — and after the party, he was on the hunt for the after-party.

So, he rounded up a gang of 5 dudes — including Kent Bazemore — and rolled over to a nearby house that was bumpin’ loud music.

They knocked and asked if they could join in — and the gang of 20-something-year-olds inside immediately passed over the Bud Lights.

The hosts tried to get Curry to shotgun a beer, but no, Curry said he’d prefer to sip his. So dainty.

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