Uber’s New Benefits Package Comes with Oral Sex

I was not aware that “Gypsy Cab Driver” was high on the list of professions that made a man irresistible to women, but at least one woman just had to blow an Uber driver right fucking now, despite the fact that he had a fare in the back seat. This was presumably very good news for the driver, but less good for passenger Aner Manuel, who was actually paying to be driven to a destination at the time.

Manuel posted the following account on Uber’s Facebook page:

On Sunday July 16th I received the most dangerous and inappropriate uber ride ever. As I approached my uber, I noticed there was a passenger in the front seat. I double checked to make sure I didn’t select UberPool, and then approached the car. I assumed it may have been a family member of some sort. As we pulled off the female in the front (who was clearly on drugs) attempted to open the door and could not even sit straight as the vehicle was in motion. She then began to grope him and grab him. They began to kiss and she began loosening his belt. As we got further and further from my pickup location I had no idea where I was, so I had to stay in the car. She then proceeded to perform oral sex. This was my last straw. I asked the driver to drop me off. Since I’ve contacted uber and they refunded me for trip and gave me a “$10 credit”. They’ve seen this video and are still “investigating”. They have been extremely bad at answering any messages I’ve sent, and I demand something gets done. This is not okay!

Uber has reportedly fired the driver, who will just have to get blow jobs while driving for free now, I guess. Poor bastard. At least he avoided getting smacked by TJ Miller.

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