Gabrielle Union Let Uber Driver Take a Dump in Her Bathroom, Then Tried to Get Him Fired For It

People who work in the “gig economy” generally have the shittiest jobs imaginable. The pay sucks and they have no security or job protection; they generally aren’t even considered employees of the companies they work for.

You basically want to be nice to these people if for no other reason than the concept of noblesse oblige. Think of how you leave a tip for your waiter or waitress even if you don’t believe in tipping because they’re getting paid like $2 an hour so if you don’t leave a tip you’re an asshole and if you say “well, the restaurant has to make up the difference if they get tips below the minimum wage” then you’re an asshole looking to justify your own shitty behavior.

Speaking of shitty behavior, Gabrielle Union recently took to Twitter to complain that an Uber driver she let use her bathroom had to do more than pee.

And if we didn’t live in a society that got a huge boner at the prospect of whipping up an online mob to get people fired over the smallest perceived slight, that would be fine.

And Uber actually did offer to fire the driver!

There’s no word on if Union did snitch on the guy or not, but I assume if someone gets fired by Uber for taking a s**t at Gabrielle Union’s house, they’ll probably mention it.

The Twitter mob did form, but it wasn’t coming for the Uber driver.

Even if Union’s goal here wasn’t to get an Uber driver fired, she had to realize that being a celebrity complaining about any service or store is likely to end up with someone being fired. And Gabby, seriously, pooping is just part of nature. Everyone does it, and you should have learned that when you were like, 3 years old.

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