Is Terry Crews Making Bitchy Subtweets About Gabrielle Union?

I’m going to level with you here about a little secret in entertainment: solidarity is for chumps. If you don’t believe me, look at what happened to the hosts of The Great British Bake-Off when the show left the BBC for a more lucrative deal on Channel 4. Mel and Sue have not exactly been sitting at home, but neither have they had anything as successful or high-profile since they left. Meanwhile Paul Hollywood is somehow even more beloved, with the Hollywood Handshake becoming the thing the show is best known for.

Terry Crews is no fool, and he knows better than to get into hot water with his America’s Got Talent producers over Gabrielle Union’s departure. To drive that point home, Crews apparently made a tweet about it and that tweet was, well, kind of bitchy.

There is only one woman one earth I have to please. Her name is Rebecca.

Not my mother, my sister, my daughters or co-workers. I will let their husbands/ boyfriends/ partners take care of them.

Rebecca gives me WINGS

I’ll tell you one thing, though, he’s right. Happy wife, happy life. That’s the common wisdom for a reason. It’s not “Happy mother, happy life” or “Happy Gabrielle Union, happy life.”

Crews made his tweets seemingly in response to a series of tweets Union made after Crews said he didn’t experience the racism and toxicity she claims to have endured on the show.

That last tweet to Jameela Jamil makes it especially obvious what Crews was getting at.

I didn’t watch Crews’ whole interview but the man can only speak from his experience; if he didn’t experience or witness what Union claims to have, then he didn’t experience it. I didn’t hear him call her a liar but then she came for him and Terry clearly isn’t going to stand for it. Good for him.

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