Crappy First Pitch Launches Straight Into Photog’s Nuts

Nut shots will never not be funny. If monkeys had stopped laughing over hitting each other in the balls, evolution would’ve happened much faster

Jordan Leandre threw out the ceremonial first pitch at the St. Louis Cardinals – Boston Red Sox game Wednesday night. Someone forgot to tell him to aim towards the mound. His pitch went straight to a photographer’s balls.

Bull’s eye.

That cameraman’s dick gonna look like a zipper because of the baseball stitch marks left from Leandre’s poor throw.

Don’t hate on Leandre though. He’s a cancer survivor. When he had it at age 4, he became well-known for singing the anthem at Fenway Park. That was back in 2004. Thirteen years later, his pitching has improved only slightly. Leandre’s a high school pitcher too, which is odd.

Tony Capobianco, the cameraman, is ok. He even posted the photo he took right before taking a ball to the groin.

What a survivor.

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