What Happens When You Invite Obama to a Wedding

Are you getting married soon and want to invite former President Barack Obama? The bad news is he probably won’t come unless he actually knows you because he’s not some sort of weirdo. The good news, though, is that he’ll probably send you a response of some sort instead of just ignoring you.

A few days ago, a woman posted this to Twitter:

It’s sweet that Obama’s office sent this. Even though it’s a form letter and the former president himself probably never read the invitation, it clearly makes people happy to hear something.

In the replies, a few people posted different letters they had received from President Obama.

Form letters, but nice. One woman framed the response she got from Obama on the birth of her son:

It isn’t entirely unusual for government officials to respond to letters from constituents, even at high levels. As a high school student, I chose to complete an assignment to send a letter of request for information by writing to then-Vice President Al Gore, as my subject was global warming. I received a dictated letter hand-signed by the Vice President and reams of printed information taken from the Powerpoint presentation that would eventually become Gore’s film An Inconvenient Truth. So believe me when I tell you I know exactly how President Obama’s reply to these letters made people feel.

I probably wouldn’t invite President Donald Trump to my wedding, though. He’d be likely to show up and move on the bridesmaids like a bitch.

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