Conor McGregor Parties to Biggie and Fat Joe After His Loss

Conor McGregor may have lost the Biggest Fight in Combat Sports History on Saturday night, but who cares? He made at least $100 million and had a good show of himself. Wins and losses don’t matter in boxing anyway. Especially when you’re not an actual professional boxer.

After the fight, McGregor got drunk off  his own whiskey brand, Notorious Whiskey, during the press conference and then headed to Encore Beach Club in Vegas to get even drunker.

That’s not a man who just got punched in the face repeatedly by the greatest boxer of this generation. That’s a man who now runs combat sports and knows it.

McGregor had no reason to sit and sulk in the corner despite getting stopped in the tenth round with unanswered punches. He won the first couple of rounds against Mayweather, something few figured he would do, and didn’t come close to embarrassing himself or the sport of MMA. Part of that is because Mayweather fought a fight that allowed Conor to look impressive, but let’s not take anything away from Conor. He did better than many experts figured he would do.

Losing to one of the best boxers of all-time and collecting more money than he’d made in his entire life isn’t the worst way to spend a half an hour.

Sure, Conor didn’t make good on the dozen or so promises that he made prior to the fight, but he may have somehow done one better. He lost in graceful fashion and is so good at talking himself up and getting people to believe what he’s saying that it didn’t matter.

Look at the crowd in the video. Those people don’t care that they were duped into betting and spending thousands on a fight that had a more predictable outcome than Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. The majority of them probably thought Conor won. Because Conor continues to act like he won.

And that’s a life lesson for us all.

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