Conor McGregor’s Sparring Partner Quits After Conor Leaks Photos

We’re three weeks away from Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather, which means we still have three more weeks of nonsense to deal with.

The latest nonsense comes from camp McGregor, who leaked photos of the UFC lightweight champion knocking down pro boxer Paulie Malignaggi.

Malignaggi, who had been helping McGregor prepare for the bout, took exception to the photos coming out and the implication behind them.

McGregor’s camp made it seem like Conor knocked Malignaggi in the sparring contest, while Malignaggi claims that photo was taken after he got shoved down. In order to prove who is right, the boxer wants footage released.

Good luck with that, Paulie. Malignaggi went on to say that he consistently got the better of McGregor in the sessions.

I guess we’ll never know without video.

Following the leaking of these photos, Malignaggi announced that he would no longer be helping McGregor prepare for the August 26 bout.

This whole event is a dumpster fire. You want to know how I know that Conor has no shot against Mayweather? Because stuff like this leaks online. Whenever a fighter is given no chance in a fight, something always comes out from training camp that makes it look like they have a chance.

When James Toney, a professional boxer, was scheduled to fight Randy Couture, a legendary UFC fighter, stories came out how Toney was submitting pro MMA fighters in training camp. People took notice and thought Toney was going to be real trouble for Couture. Couture submitted him in the first round without getting touched.

Even if Conor knocked down Malignaggi, who cares? Paulie is 4-4 with 3 losses by KO or TKO over the last five years. He’s not even close to Mayweather’s level. However, he is part of the Showtime broadcast team for the fight. I’m sure he’ll be able to remain impartial.

This fight and everything involved with it can’t be over soon enough. Mayweather can go back to running from the IRS. Conor can embarrass guys in MMA. And we can never have this “boxing vs. MMA” discussion again.

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