Kathy Griffin Shaves Her Head to Confuse Donald Trump

Kathy Griffin is messing with heads again. At least this time, it’s her own. In an effort to support her sister going through chemo, Griffin shaved her head.

As you can see, Griffin is sporting a fresh shave as her mom wonders how Mr. Clean came to life.

Hey, maybe Kathy Griffin isn’t so bad after all. She’s still not funny for thinking a severed Trump head was comedy and she’s still not a victim because people were outraged over the incident. But maybe she’s not such a bad person.

Unfortunately, Griffin is no stranger to having siblings with cancer. In 2014, she lost her brother to the disease.

Given that she didn’t shave her head for him, I’m assuming that she likes her sister more.

Looks like Donald Trump will have to update his Kathy Griffin voodoo doll to reflect her new look. Otherwise, Emma Stone is in for a rough couple of months.

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