Snoop Dogg Ruins Martha Stewart’s Cake In The Sexiest Way Possible

Here’s something you probably never thought you’d see:

Why yes, that is Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg recreating the pottery scene from Ghost.

The scene starts innocent enough, with Martha getting comfortable before frosting her cake. I’ve never seen someone frost a cake while sitting down, but I’m not going to question the methods of Martha. That’s when Snoop walks in and makes a mess. I’ve never seen their show, but if it’s Martha cooking and Snoop starting a food fight, I feel that I’ve been missing out.

The video really should have ended with Snoop eating the entire chocolate cake. Not because it’s good, which I’m sure it was, but because he was probably high and chocolate is extra delicious when you’re high.

Besides drumming up promotion for the second season of their show Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party, there isn’t really a good reason for this video.

Except that there doesn’t need to be a good reason for Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg to recreate the pottery scene from Ghost. It’s something so out of left field that even though you didn’t think you wanted to see it or if there isn’t a good reason for it, it doesn’t matter. It’s friggin Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg getting way too intimate with each other while frosting a chocolate cake.

The fact that these two have a show together is insane enough. Nothing can top that. They could recreate the Billy Joe Thornton and Halle Berry sex scene from Monster’s Ball and that still wouldn’t surprise me as much as when I first heard Snoop and Martha would be doing a show together.

For the record, I really hope they don’t recreate the sex scene from Monster’s Ball. If they ever get that desperate for ratings and attention, they may as well cancel the show.

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