There’s a Lot More of Kanye West to Roast in New Pictures

It looks like Kanye West skipped more than just leg day recently.

Let’s be fair to Kanye. Maybe he just wore a t-shirt that’s two sizes too big and the wind is making this worse than it really is. That’s possible. But it’s not as fun. Now, let’s roast Kanye because there’s never a bad opportunity to make fun of Kanye.

Take it away, internet.

I’m sure at some point he has.

Well played, Keith.

A reasonable explanation. If a man is ever going to have a baby, I wouldn’t put it past Kanye to be the one to do it.

We all miss the old Kanye, Paul. We all do.

“A” for effort.

Someone sign Harrison to a record deal.

Kanye West, husband to Kim Kardashian, daughter of Kris Jenner, pulling a publicity stunt? That’s outrageous.

And that’s all that matters.

It’s possible that Kanye is just stress eating. He’s reportedly been trying to end his feud with Jay-Z and baby number three is on the way. There’s also Taylor Swift’s new album, which you know features at least 20 shots at Kanye on the way. It’s a lot for one man, even a lyrical business genius like Kanye West to take.

Let’s all just leave Kanye alone. He’s dealing with a lot. Body shaming is not the answer and is totally uncalled for.

Just kidding. Kanye has spent years comparing himself to God and Jesus and just about every great leader and innovator throughout history. There’s not a person in the world who loves Kanye West more than Kanye West. So, when his body shape drastically changes, it’s only right that we poke some fun at him.

In fairness to everyone on the internet, there’s a lot to poke at right now.

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