Kate Hudson Calls Her C-Section ‘Lazy’, the Internet Reacts Like She Kicked a Puppy

Kate Hudson once had a C-section. I also heard a rumor that she was once in movies people actually watched, but the C-section seems to be the thing people are talking about. You see, Kate did an interview for the October issue of Cosmopolitan in which she said that the laziest thing she’s ever done was having a C-Section. If you had asked me what the laziest thing Kate Hudson had ever done was, I probably would have guessed it was Diplo.

Apparently, people got Very Mad about Kate’s comment yesterday, which is pretty funny because the magazine came out two weeks ago. I guess you have to take a lot of shits before you’re bored enough to flip to the Kate Hudson interview instead reading the “4 Hidden Moan Zones” article again.

Here’s what people had to say about Kate’s comment on Twitter.

Were you a Kate Hudson fan before, Carrie? Was anyone? Did you hear Kate Hudson was in a movie and say to yourself “Boy, I better get tickets now, I need to see that on opening day. I hope there’s a midnight screening!”

Of course, not everyone was mad at Kate Hudson. Some people were mad at the people who were mad at Kate Hudson. The important thing is that everyone is mad, though.

Would you like to hear my opinion? Would you ladies reading this who have actually given birth, either via C-section or vaginally, like a man to weigh in here and tell you how you’re wrong about an experience you’ve had and I have not had and will never have? Well, I’m not gonna fall for that, that’s how I end up sleeping on the couch.

To any men reading this, learn from my example. Just slowly back out of the room and turn on the game. What game? It doesn’t matter, there’s some sport on somewhere, and even if it’s cricket, at least those test matches last for days, which should keep you out of trouble. But you’ve been good sports by reading this and not feeling the need to tell women why they’re wrong about childbirth, so here’s a picture one of Kate Hudson’s friends took of her in the bath.

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