Selena Gomez Credits Faith for Facing Kidney Failure, but the Meds Probably Helped Too

The good lord gave Selena Gomez inner strength to face down kidney failure. Then, s/he guided her hand over to swallow pills every day that would help her survive. Praise the lord! Praise be Allah!

According to sources “close to the singer,” i.e. gossipy friends, Gomez relied on her faith in God while enduring her kidney crisis.

Selena Gomez was scared, as anyone would be, as she dealt with failing kidneys and Lupus, but her faith in God is what gave her the strength to handle it…

Our sources say God has become the most important thing in Selena’s life, and as scared as she was, she was resigned to the fact that her fate was in God’s hands.

Good for Gomez for fighting. Without her, we probably wouldn’t have 13 Reasons Why. That’s a close second to kidney failure when it comes to suckage.

Luckily, her friend Francia Raisa tossed an extra kidney her way. That’s how you prove friendship to celebrities nowawadays.

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