Sergio Dipp Not Taking Horrible ‘Monday Night Football’ Debut Too Seriously

Sergio Dipp became a star last night on Monday Night Football. The ESPN Deportes soccer reporter, who was thrust into the position of American football sideline reporter, was a bit lost and confused in his new role. We’ve covered his debut here, but in case you want to watch it again (and why wouldn’t you?), here’s another look:

Like a true professional, Sergio handled his newfound fame in stride.

But those two tweets paled in comparison to Dipp’s video response.

After listening to that, how can you not respect and admire the man?

Dipp talks about what an honor it was to cover American football on 9/11 as a Mexican. He’s clearly choked up as he talks about his experience covering the sport on such a day. He recalls where he was on 9/11, growing up as a minority, and showing respect to the Broncos and Chargers head coaches, also both minorities.

Dipp even apologizes if people felt disrespected by his performance. Sergio, my man, no one felt disrespected. We had a laugh, we felt a little bad for you, but we were all entertained. There’s nothing to apologize for, buddy. Dipp ends by hoping for another chance.

We all hope you get another chance too.

This is a classy response by Dipp, who took the joking in stride and didn’t let it define him. This moment meant a lot to him, and while it’s a shame that he didn’t do better, let’s be honest, he wasn’t put in a position to succeed. ESPN grabbed a soccer reporter and had him cover football despite the fact that they have roughly 100,000 football reporters on staff. They used Dipp because he is a minority to show that they can be diverse in their coverage.

Let Dipp be an inspiration to you on this Tuesday. Entertain the masses, don’t let it get you down, and always try to be better.

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