Bella Hadid Wants All You Dope and Fresh Homeboys to Come Through

Bella Hadid is hot, but now we know why The Weeknd broke up with her:

You don’t have to watch the video, unless you want to cringe whenever Bella speaks. She uses terms like “dope” and “fresh” like she’s still in the 90’s and calls guys “homeboy” like she never actually talked to a guy before. However, if you are a homeboy who thinks he has a shot with Bella, you betta be comin through wit dem fresh Air Maxes or Jordans. Don’t be comin to da crib wit dem wack Reebok, homeboy. Gonna be a quiet night. Netflix and nothin. Not Netflix and nuttin.

Because it was necessary, and I don’t say that sarcastically, Hadid’s words became an instant meme.

But what about the homegirls? They deserve to be treated equally. Now, if homegirl comes through like this…

Let’s be honest. Aint no homegirl coming through like that around me.

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