‘Breaking Bad’ Pizza House Owners — Stop Throwing Pizzas on Our House!

Idiots are wasting perfectly good pizza just to feel part of a show that ended years ago.

That’s a scene from season three of Breaking Bad. The episode aired on March 28, 2010.

Once the show finished shooting, the house that the fictional White family used to occupy became an actual house that people could live in. Joanne Quintana’s mother lives in that house. Joanna Quintana’s mother has to deal with people tossing pizzas at her house because they think it’s funny.

No one thinks it’s funny.

Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan told people to stop. Jonathan Banks said he would hunt down people who threw pizzas.

It didn’t matter. People still threw pizzas or stole rocks or just looked in awe at the house.

Joanne Quintana told KOB4 that her family is now building a six-foot-tall high wrought iron fence to keep out people who think they’re Walter White. Yes, this poor family has to build a fence just to live a semi-normal life. AND THEY’RE GONNA MAKE THESE BREAKING BAD FANS PAY FOR IT!

Boom. Nailed the joke.

Why would anyone waste a perfectly good pizza just to say they wasted a perfectly good pizza. “Hey guys, let’s throw this pizza onto the roof of this house. We’ll be just like Walter White.” You know what’s cooler than being Walter White? Eating a pizza you paid for. Being Walter White isn’t being cool. He was an addict who got in too deep with dozens of bad people, lost everything he ever loved, and ended up dying at the hands of his own creation. Is that how you want your life to turn out?

If not, then leave this poor family alone and let them live in their famous house in peace. Waste pizza on top of your own roof, like a normal person.

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