Courtney Stodden is Reinventing Herself, Says She’s a Bookish Geek, Promptly Gets Drunk and Naked

Courtney Stodden, a person famous for getting married to her 50 year old acting coach when she was 16, is trying to rebrand herself after her appearance on a dating show for rich assholes now that they’ve split. So far it’s going great.

Stodden told Page Six that her public persona is at odds with the person she really is, and being on Million Dollar Matchmaker, a reality show about how hard it is to be rich, helped her to be herself.

“I pretended to be something I’m not: the blond, ditzy, sexy … underneath it, if you strip all that back, that’s not who I am,” she said.

The “real” Stodden, she told us, is “completely vulnerable. I’m really sensitive. I’m actually a huge dork and a geek. I love to read, and it’s completely opposite of the persona I’ve created. I’m not that blond image at all.”

Oh my god, I read a book one time, I’m such a geek! That’s cool now, right? Bazinga! That’s the thing he says, right, in that show all the geeks love? I saw Game of Thrones once!

She did a super good job convincing everyone she isn’t some dizzy blonde with big fake tits, too. People had a clip from the show showing Stodden arriving at a mixer arranged by host Patti Stanger.

“So Courtney, the last thing I said was I wanted you to look a little more conservative than you normally do,” Stanger says when Stodden arrives wearing a revealing black dress.

“You told me to put a lock on my p–y. It’s like I’m wearing five underwear,” Stodden replies, lifting up her skirt.

And when Stranger reminds Stodden that another rule for the night is no drinking, Stodden says, “I’ll try,” before asking if she could have “one little glass of wine.”

What a geek, right? You can tell she’s absolutely not actually a drunk gold-digging airhead, but a sensitive, bookish, introverted geek by what happens next.

“She does everything right, and then she goes on the date,” Stranger added, revealing that Stodden messes up her date after getting “full-on naked” and “seriously drunk.”

Quite the reinvention, right? I almost didn’t recognize her. I’m going to have to have a look at her Instagram, to remind me of who she used to be.

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