Donald Trump Probably No Longer Thinks Eminem Is a Winner

I had no intentions of watching the BET Awards last night until I heard that Eminem would bless the world with a new verse. When he started, I was a little disappointed that it was going to be all a capella as I prefer my Slim Shady over a beat. But when he finished. Man. Just watch.

Lyrically, was it great? No. If it was an actual freestyle, and I’ll believe that it was, then the lyrics are somewhat forgivable. It’s tough to freestyle on one subject for four minutes and have it all make sense. Also, as I just said, I don’t think Eminem’s style fits as an a capella rapper.

But this wasn’t so much about the lyrics as it was the message. This is Eminem, a white man who succeeded in a black man’s world, standing with black people against Donald Trump. He’s not beating around the bush like Tom Brady and other white athletes who support their black teammates, but don’t kneel or raise a fist with them. He’s not going to flip-flop in a week like Jerry Jones. He’s attacking Trump the only way he knows how: loud and clear.

Eminem isn’t the first rapper to go after Trump. He’s not the first white rapper either. Hell, this isn’t even the first time Eminem has gone after Trump. Here are some lyrics from his track “Campaign Speech”, which was released prior to the 2016 election:

You say Trump don’t kiss ass like a puppet
‘Cause he runs his campaign with his own cash for the fundin’
And that’s what you wanted
A fuckin’ loose cannon who’s blunt with his hand on the button
Who doesn’t have to answer to no one

Great idea!

But now Trump is actually president and Eminem is the biggest and most important rapper to outright attack him. He has that stature in both communities where you have to pay attention to what he says. White people love him because he’s white and succeeded in a black man’s world. Black people love him because he went through a real struggle and proved his talent.

Snoop Dogg said it best.

Even Donald Trump, back in 2004, was on Team Shady.

Something tells me that his opinion has changed.

The freestyle is called “The Storm” but Eminem starts it off by saying “It’s the calm before the storm.” Something tells me that, if he does put out a new album this year, these are just the start of the Trump attacks.

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