‘Rush Hour 4’ is Happening

Did you think Rush Hour 3 was a trash money grab? Good news, you’re going to love Rush Hour 4. Jackie Chan confirmed that Rush Hour 4 seems to be a go with filming starting sometime next year.

Here’s what he told Power 106 in Los Angeles:

“Rush Hour you can do any time… Next year! For the last seven years, we’ve been turning down the script, turning down the script. Yesterday, we just agreed… the script, probably end of this month. They’re on the second draft. Next year, probably start. I hope. If Chris Tucker agrees. It’s not about money. It’s about time to make, otherwise… Rush Hour 4, we’re all like old men! Before we get old. I tell Chris Tucker, before we get old, please, do Rush Hour 4!”

DON’T DO IT, CHRIS! Do the final Friday movie instead. That’s a franchise that is still funny and a return that we’re all waiting for. No one wants Rush Hour 4. Rush Hour 3 underperformed at the box office and scored 18% on Rotten Tomatoes. Rush Hour 2 was unnecessary, but at least it had some moments. I don’t even know what they have left for Rush Hour 4.

Remember when they tried to do a Rush Hour television series and no one watched? That’s because there’s no life in the franchise. Chris Tucker realizes this, which is why he doesn’t do movies anymore. Jackie Chan doesn’t, which is why he wants Rush Hour 4 and re-made The Karate Kid.

Knock it off, Jackie Chan. Find the next great Chinese action star (hint, it’s not Jaden Smith), and move on with life. I’m all for nostalgia, but if I want to watch Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker be awesome, I’ll watch the original Rush Hour, which remains one of my favorite buddy cop films.

I will not watch the sequels because I don’t hate myself quite that much.

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