Marshawn Lynch Took Subway Home, Led Fans in ‘F**k the Chiefs* After Ejection

The Thursday night NFL game is usually trash. Teams have a short week of practice, guys get injured, and it’s generally bad football. Last night’s game between the Kansas City Chiefs vs. the Oakland Raiders was actually good. It was a back-and-forth affair between the two best teams in the AFC West, Derek Carr threw a game-winning touchdown pass as time expired, and Andy Reid looked sad. It was the perfect Thursday Night Football game.

It also had Marshawn Lynch. He’s the guy that makes everything better no matter what the situation.

He enhanced last night’s game by running off the bench to defend a member of the other team, nearly body slamming a referee, and then watching the rest game from the stands.

Marshawn Lynch is the best.

Here’s the entire play:

Raiders QB Derek Carr gets hit with a late shot by Chiefs CB Marcus Peters. Some pushing and shoving occurs and here comes Marshawn, out of nowhere, to try and diffuse the situation. Carr is his quarterback, but Peters is his cousin. He just didn’t want the family fighting.

This would have been fine if he didn’t leave the sidelines and then pick up an official. So yeah, it wasn’t fine.

Lynch was ejected, but instead of hanging out in the locker room, he hung out with the people of Oakland.

To further prove he was a man of the people, instead of hanging out with his team to celebrate the victory, he just got on a train and headed home.

God bless Marshawn Lynch. I don’t know if he actually wants to play football anymore and I don’t care. As long as he provides us with moments like that. And like this:

And this:

I welcome Marshawn with open arms.

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