O.J. Simpson Caught Staging a Papparazzi Run-In

In a desperate bid to stay in the spotlight despite no one giving much of a toss about him, O.J. Simpson has been staging candid run-ins with paparazzi. A TMZ photographer caught him planning a video where he talks about the recent Las Vegas massacre, multiple homicides being somewhat of a field of expertise for Simpson.

When he got to the parking lot, it was lights, camera action and O.J. offered up his “thoughts and prayers” while his friend recorded.

Our photog fired up his camera to ask some questions, but apparently that really screwed things up. O.J.’s photog tries to run our guy out of the shot, but Simpson realized his plan had been foiled and beelined it for his car.

This is such a sad story. O.J. Simpson was a national hero, and now no one wants him around just because he brutally murdered two people, one of whom was his ex-wife. Okay, that is actually a pretty good reason to stop seeing someone’s movies. Of course, “probably involved in a murder” didn’t set Christopher Walken’s career back, so who knows what the public will get upset about.

Let this be a lesson to all of you; if you’re going to have a fake impromptu paparazzi press conference, don’t make a run for it when a real paparazzo shows up. That just gives away the game. Although as a football fan, it is nice to know that even at 70 years old, O.J. still has some game, even if it just used to run away from a dude asking him if he saw American Crime Story.

So my theory is that Simpson is doing these “why won’t you leave me alone, okay, I guess I’ll do a quick interview, hope this doesn’t end up on the nightly news, wink wink” bits to bolster his own celebrity now that he’s out of prison, but some people have another theory. Coupled with a secret autograph session Simpson apparently took part in, he could be being paid to participate in these “surprise” interviews. That makes some sense, since any money he earns is subject to seizure by Fred Goldman. Taking payment for something like this under the table would be tax fraud and could see Simpson end up back in prison. But if no one seems interested in talking to O.J. for free, who is going to pay him for what really looks like something he’s paying a P.R. firm for.

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3 years ago

He’s so over.

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