OJ Simpson Released And No One Cared

OJ Simpson is out of prison and in a white SUV. At least this time, he’s not fleeing from the scene of a crime. We don’t think.

A lone cameraman caught up with OJ at a gas station to ask him how he feels now that he’s a free man.

OJ seems upset by this “stalker” at first, shutting the door quickly. It looks like he’s not going to give this guy the time of day, but still talks to him for about a minute, saying he’s been in the car for five hours and that nothing has changed.

At first glance, it seems like it would be a bad idea to try and talk with OJ as he’s right out of prison, but this is OJ we’re talking about. So, let’s examine the evidence.

First, the door is wide open even though OJ is comfortably sitting and drinking water. It’s open so he can quickly shut it, to give the impression that he doesn’t want to speak to anyone. However, the window is already down. The other windows in the vehicle are up. Why keep his window down if he doesn’t want to be seen or talked when stopped at a gas station? Next, it looks like he’s going to roll the window up multiple times, but never does. He just keeps talking. He also says “ya’ll” like there’s multiple people, even though it’s clearly only one person.

Where is the driver? It’s feasible that he’s inside getting something, but why leave OJ by himself if he’s worried about being harassed? Finally, who released this footage? It doesn’t come from some random person on Twitter shooting a cell phone video or a major outlet like TMZ. It’s just posted online. Some say it came from Splash News, others just say they “obtained the footage” and one report says it’s from a TV station, but they can’t tell you which station.

So, here’s my theory: OJ wanted to be upset at that the media was stalking him, like he showed in the video. He just wanted more media to be upset at. He wanted to say these things to ESPN, FoxSports, ABC, NBC, everyone. Remember, there were talks that his release could be a reality show. Instead, no one showed up and, disappointed by this, OJ either tipped someone off or had the driver film something to be released. He made it seem like he was unhappy they were there, but he wasn’t. He was unhappy there wasn’t more.

Take that, Cochran.

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Nate Fanfare
Nate Fanfare
6 years ago

Scummy McShittzenpants.