Rose McGowan Being Silenced Or Forgot Her Drugs

Rose McGowan is in the thick of the Harvey Weinstein scandal and now there’s a warrant out for her arrest. Coincidence? Or is this retaliation for being so vocal about Harvey raping her? Maybe a little of column A and a little of column B.

The arrest warrant was issued over a felony drug possession charge from January. Police say they found traces of narcotics on items she left behind on a United flight that day. They would not reveal what type of narcotics they were. Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police Department obtained a warrant over the charges on Feb. 1.

Rose McGowan, of course, is questioning these charges.

She believes it to be a conspiracy.

There’s one woman for every day of the 4 decades Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted women so I’m not sure what silencing Rose McGowan is going to do for them. Scare victims by showing they can get to anyone? Oh, yea, real scary. Have you ever had to deal with one pissed off woman? Now imagine 14,600 pissed off women. If I was Hollywood, I’d cut my losses and push Harvey out of an airplane. Uh, metaphorically, of course.

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