Elton John Is About to Make a Bunch of Money Off Beyonce’s Voice

There’s a new Lion King coming in 2019. Everyone is really excited about it because look at this list of voice actors:

And you know if Beyonce is involved, she’s going to do some singing. She’s not only going to sing, but Elton John is going to update his vocals alongside Beyonce. Maybe. Nothing is official yet.

Here’s what a source told the New York Daily News about the soundtrack:

“The songs will be thread into the storyline. It is unthinkable when you have Beyoncé involved not to have her sing some of those iconic hits — and that means huge sales to a new generation. The deal is a huge one and will earn him millions at many stages. Obviously [Elton John] will get a one off licensing deal followed by a cut in royalties from all aspects of the work.”

Wait. “The songs will be thread into the storyline.” What does that even mean? We know the story. We know when the songs are supposed to come on and we know what they sound like. Are they changing the story? Are they changing the songs? That line leaves me with way more questions than answers.

Then the source just talks about how much money Elton John is going to make for this new movie, like I’m supposed to care that a billionaire gets richer.

Basically, we really don’t have any new information. They’re remaking The Lion King, they probably would not have announced this remake if they didn’t have the song rights from Elton John, and they would be stupid not to have Beyonce sing on the soundtrack. They’d also be stupid not to have Donald Glover sing on the soundtrack.

I also really want to hear Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner sing “Hakuna Matata.” If we don’t get that, why are they even making this movie?

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