Emily Ratajkowski Spent Thanksgiving In A Bikini In Paradise

Emily Ratajkowski has the best life. I don’t know this for a fact, I just assume it to be true based on her Instagram feed.

Here she is, on some beach/island/resort, just dancing in her one-piece thong. I don’t know what she’s listening to and I don’t care. Whatever puts a smile on her face, puts a smile on my face. Let’s see what else the supermodel/actress has been up to, shall we?

Here she is, falling asleep while reading. I know the feeling, girl. Reading a book puts me to sleep as well. That’s why God invented Netflix, so books could just go away.

Even supermodels have friends.

Emily spent her Thanksgiving in paradise. I spent my Thanksgiving with my in-laws, just trying to watch football in peace. I wish I were in paradise.

If only we could be so lucky to wake up to that booty every morning.

Keep living your life, Emily.

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