Kendall Jenner Gets Sweaty in the Name of Art

Don’t look now, but Kendall Jenner is doing things again.

As part of LOVE Magazine’s seventh annual YouTube calendar series, Kendall is seen here training for a boxing bout. Here’s the description:

Kendall wanted to do something cinematic, so Katie Grand asked her to play Rocky Balboa AND his girlfriend Adrian. She boxes with her personal trainer Rob Piela owner of Gotham Gym who was on set to work with her on perfecting her Rocky moves. She also really drank the raw eggs. Very impressive.

Had Kendall, Katie, or anyone working on this project ever seen Rocky, they would know that Adrian would never be caught at the gym while Rocky was working out. She hated her husband’s boxing career. But let’s not let facts get the the way of dressing up Kendall like she’s some high-class French painter.

As you may or may not remember, Kendall has done this type of stuff before. She and Gigi Hadid did some type of performance art nonsense last year.

While Kendall’s shadowboxing form might not look like that of a high-level fight, I’d like to direct your attention to the follows GIFs.

As you can see, even women who go on to become world champions don’t need great technique when shadowboxing. In fact, I’d say Kendall is ahead of Rousey in terms of their respective boxing skills.

And Kendall knows how this story ends, right? Not to spoil anything, but everyone around Rocky dies and he ends up a crippled old man with brain damage.

I’m sure everyone involved didn’t really think that hard about this video or the meaning behind it. They just thought, “How can we make Kendall Jenner sweaty?” and someone was still on a high from the summer’s McGregor-Mayweather fight, so they suggested “boxing.”


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