Kevin Spacey Also Sexually Harasses Adults, As Long As They’re Royalty

House of Cards / Screenshot

Boy, Kevin Spacey just can’t catch a break. After a pair of people said he tried to have sex with them when they were 14, it came out that he was also sexually harassing basically everyone on the crew of his hit Netflix show House of Cards, from which he was fired almost immediately.

Spacey’s dick-grabbing antics don’t stop on the set, though, because he apparently also grabbed a royal dick in Norway ten years ago, one belonging to Ari Behn, who was at the time married to Princess Märtha Louise of Norway. And he did it at the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony, which requires a lot of, well, balls.

‘After five minutes, he says “Hey, let’s go out and have a cigarette”, and then he touched me right on the balls under the table.’

Behn, a non-smoker, says he was so surprised he just said; ‘eh, maybe later?’

I’m pretty sure that is not royal protocol. I’ve seen all those movies where Helen Mirren plays various queens and one big rule is not to touch them. They make people walk backwards out of the room so you don’t turn your back on a member of the royal family, so I’m positive that grabbing a royal member is right out.

Spacey just seems to have no boundaries. He grabbed Richard Dreyfuss’s son’s dick while the legendary actor was in the room reading a script, and now it comes out he groped a member of the Norwegian Royal Family in public in Norway. The man has basically never been around a dick he didn’t grab. When asked for comment on his decades of inappropriate behavior, Spacey said “It’s cool, I choose to be gay.”

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