Disney’s Animatronic Puppets Are Losing Their Heads

The head falling off of an animatronic puppet at Disney is pretty weird, mainly because the head still works while it’s hanging off of the body.

There’s Ursula with her head off, still singing away like nothing is wrong. That’s not normal, but it’s how animatronics work. This happened at Disneyland in California by the way. While Ursula was pulling a Nearly-Headless Nick bit and traumatizing Californian children, half a world away at Disneyland Paris, the same thing happened with the auctioneer on “The Pirates of the Caribbean.”

The French children were less traumatized than their American counterparts by this because they were all drunk. Of course, they weren’t the only headless automatons at Disney.

Ahhh, you got me with that one, Twitter person. I’m sure I won’t get fooled again.

Hey, your handle is Serious Park News, I wasn’t expecting a joke!

Unfortunately, the Hall of Presidents was unaffected, because we missed out on that creepy-looking Trump-bot running around with no head. Some people thought the JFK robot might have had a similar malfunction, but he’s supposed to look like that. What? Too soon?

Now, I think I know what’s going on here. The heads are obviously programmed to pop off so Walt Disney’s cryogenically frozen head can be easily attached to the body of his choosing. It was just a timing issue.

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