James Toback Told Selma Blair He’d Kill Her If She Told Anyone He Was A Creepy Leg Humper

If you need a refresher on who James Toback is, he’s an Oscar-nominated director who likes to go to Central Park and say “hey, I was nominated for an Oscar, how about a blowjob” to every woman who walks past, and then rubs his dick on every woman who auditions for a role in one of his films. To be fair, the film was called The Legend of the Leg-Humper Jones, but still, inappropriate.

Turns out that after James Toback rubbed his shriveled old dick on Selma Blair’s leg, he threatened to “gouge her eyes out” with a Bic pen. At least that’s what she said on The Talk, and really, why would she lie about that? Is it even the least bit surprising?

Blair was afraid of Toback, and that makes sense, honestly. She said she initially spoke anonymously because she was afraid Toback would kill her if she spoke out about him, but she decided to go on the record when she heard him calling his accusers “lying cocksuckers and cunts.”

When asked by Sharon Osborne if she thought Toback belonged in jail, she replied “I do, I do think James Toback belongs in jail.” Hard to argue with that, after the whole “I’ll gouge your eyes out” thing, really.

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4 years ago

What a fucking loser!

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