Rob Lowe Slings Mud At Bella Thorne

If you’re like me and don’t pay attention to the actual news because all of that s**t is depression, mudslides hit California and killed 17 people. See what I mean. Nothing but depressing s**t.

Just look at this depressing photo:

A lot of celebrities live in California. Among them are Rob Lowe and Bella Thorne. One is literally awesome in just about every movie/television show he’s in. The other is Bella Thorne, best known for not dating Scott Disick.

In a now deleted tweet, Bella typed, “F**k u 101 to Santa Barbara. I’m missing my boyfriends first date on his tour :(((”

The internet savy Rob Lowe blasted her for the tweet.

Feigning ignorance, Bella stated that she didn’t know what was going on with the mudslides.

The people weren’t buying that excuse.

In fairness to Bella, she may avoid the news because it’s depressing as well. However, given that she’s on social media all the time, it’s tough not to think that she didn’t know what’s going on. Trending topics on social media are always natural disasters and Donald Trump.


Mod Sun, who is Bella’s boyfriend, decided to jump into the conversation and defend his bae from Rob Lowe.

“I thought you was cool, man. Out here being whack,” the rapper said in an Instagram Story early Friday, January 12, tagging Lowe in his post. “It’s quiet as f—k over here for, Rob Lowe. Quiet as f—k.”

This guy is exactly the kind of person who Bella would date. What is he even saying in this video? Rob Lowe is right, this is why people hate celebrities. Just apologize and move on. Don’t try to turn this into something it’s not.

By the looks of things, Bella got to the show ok, so I guess the mudslide didn’t cause her too much harm. Unlike the people who lost their homes and lives.

Rob Lowe is probably pulling people out of the mud as I type this. Bella is just getting stuck in the Mod.

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