We’re Supposed to Hate Emily Ratajkowski Now or Something

Emily Ratajkowski is hot and skinny with big tits so of course she’s a super famous model. But that doesn’t mean she can’t say super offensive things on Instagram like when she posted up a shot from her Kérastase campaign which read, “Hair is a fundamental part of beauty, femininity, and identity. So excited to announce that I am the new face of @keratase_official!”

What the f**k? This bitch. What a monster.

One user put their hand over their heart and gasped before responding with, “Hair is not a ‘fundamental’ part of beauty. There are people with cancer and other illnesses who are unfortunately undergoing treatment that causes them to lose their hair. Saying that hair is a ‘fundamental’ part of beauty is extremely shallow and it gives off the false idea that hair is a necessity.”

Others demanded an apology. ASAP. Because there’s nothing more thrilling in life than taking offense to the most innocuous of words to make a celebrity apologize to you. Emily quickly changed her post.

These days you could point to the sky and call it blue and some weirdo would get triggered, run up to you with his social justice mouth frothing and try to educate you on how grey skies and pink skies deserved recognition too. And really the only way to get out of these types of situations is to distract them by telling them there’s a woman behind them making 10% less than her male counterpart.

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