Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss are No Longer BFFs or Maybe, Actually I Don’t Know

What does Karlie Kloss’ 2017 Advent Calendar shoot tell us? Besides the fact she probably hasn’t ever dribbled a basketball in her life? It’s that she’s ditched her best friend Taylor Swift and switched Team Katy Perry.

Fans discerned this from from the two words she captioned her post with. “Swish swish.” You see, “swish swish” is the line Katy Perry used in her Taylor Swift diss track. While that’s probably true, she probably wasn’t thinking about it when she posted it. Kloss probably thought it was just a clever tie-in to her basketball-themed shoot.

On the other hand, I like to start s**t and I’ve come to the conclusion this is indeed a cleverly coded dig at that bitch Taylor Swift. The proof is right there! And she edited her Instagram post. That’s a sign of a guilty conscience. Trust me. I read a paragraph about psychology on Wikipedia.

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