Watch Cameramen Nearly Throw Down Over Filming Kevin Durant

Cameramen take their job very serious. It’s a life or death situation. They have to be in the perfect spot at all times, because if they are moved off that spot, it ruins the entire shot. Don’t believe me? Listen to this.

If you watch the video, two cameramen fight for position to film Kevin Durant.

Cameraman 1: “Dude I’m going as far as I can. Step over.”

Cameraman 2: “I was parked here and you’re the one who cut me.”

Cameraman 1: “I will knock you the f**k out. I will knock you the f**k out.”

Pay no attention to that subject in the video. He’s a traitor who probably teamed up with Cameraman 1 after he knocked out Cameraman 2. Then took credit for knocking out the cameraman himself. That’s the kind of person Kevin Durant is.

The big story here is that these cameramen are just lame. Durant isn’t saying anything important. He’s giving your usual cliche answers. They could have run footage from an interview two weeks ago and no one would have been able to tell the difference. But these men have a job to do and they’re going to do it, damnit.

If you think this is something, look at this fan get into Russell Westbrook’s face after a game on Thursday night.

Now that’s someone who is lucky that he wasn’t knocked the f**k out. Westbrook let him off easy with a simple shove. Steven Adams, on the other hands, was walking over, ready to murder that man. You can start a fight near Kevin Durant and be safe, knowing Durant is just going to smile and act like he’s on your side. If you try to start something near Westbrook, he’s going to end both you.

Cooler heads prevailed in both situations. No cameramen were knocked out and the fan was escorted off the floor. Probably by Kevin Durant.

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