Jocelyn Lamoureux Channeled Britney Spears To Win US Gold In Hockey

Jocelyne Lamoureux won gold for Team USA in the women’s hockey tournament last night. After years of getting dominated by Canada, Lamoureux ensured that we can claim to be better at hockey than Canada for the next four years.

The game was tied at 2 after regulation and overtime. The shootout ended up going to extras as both teams had scored twice after the first five shooters. Here is Lamoureux’s shootout winner on Shannon Szabados:

Male or female, that is one of the slickest shootout moves I’ve ever seen. And I’ve been watching hockey for over 20 years.

And Lamoureux has a name for the move. Here’s what she told BBC about the move:

“I’ve done that thousands of times around tyres just set out on open ice,” she said. “It’s called ‘Oops, I did it again’ and I’m just thrilled beyond words.”

The fact that she already has a name for the move is a level of confidence that none of us will ever achieve. You should not name a move that you’ve never pulled off on a big stage, but she did. And she pulled off the move. Imagine if she didn’t score and we later found out she named the move. She’d have to rename it “If You Seek Amy”

While Lamoureux’s goal made all the highlight reels, Maddie Rooney’s save on Meghan Agosta clinched the game. If she doesn’t make that save, the shootout continues and we don’t care as much about Lamoureux’s goal.

We should call Rooney’s save “One More Time” because it’s the real hit of Britney’s discography.

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